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On the surface, a career in molecular biology and a passion for painting make strange bedfellows. Ever since Crisol graduated from the University of California, San Diego with a degree in biochemistry/cell biology and a minor in studio art, she's been answering questions about this unusual pairing of interests. But to Crisol, there's nothing strange about this combination.

Crisol credits her many visits to her grandfather's rancho in Baja to her early interest in science. Whether it was the birth of a calf, the making of cheese, or the explosion of flowers each spring, every visit produced some new marvel to explore. These invaluable experiences fostered a curiosity about the world that continues with the work she does in the laboratory.

Her interest in art began as a way to assimilate her many experiences as a woman. Fueled by numerous trips to Mexico, Crisol drew inspiration from Mexican art and culture to express her journey as a Latina. By showing her work on both coasts, and on both sides of the border, Crisol continues to explore the many ways she is connected to her culture.


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